Net Promoter Score

At NetPS we believe that your valuable Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores should give you much more than just a number. That's why we've built NetPS, a powerful communications, survey and analysis system that gives you access to the voice of your customers, in real time. Measure satisfaction, benchmark performance, harness in depth insights truly meaningful to your business and identify actionable improvement areas to drive loyalty and realise real business growth. We help you put the customer squarely at the centre of everything your business does.

NetPS Dashboard With Survey Details NetPS Dashboard With Survey Details

Create Your Own Customised Surveys


It’s not just about the score. With NetPS, create your own customised surveys and contact your customers easily, how and when you want, to best fit your business and customer needs.

Comprehensive Real-time Reporting With User Friendly Dashboard


Get comprehensive Real Time reporting with our user friendly dashboard that lets you choose how you want to view customer data. Instant Alerts at critical feedback points make sure you know about customer issues immediately, so you can act fast

Get Detailed Insights Into Customer Satisfaction Performance


NetPS gives you detailed insights into customer satisfaction performance for your whole business; employees, teams, divisions, locations, so you can drive efficiency, healthy competitive measurement and focus on improving the things that matter. Grow your reputation as a business who listens…and acts

About Us

We're steered by a team of like-minded professionals, with over 50 years’ combined experience across industries and business disciplines, all of us with a core focus on the customer as the central point of everything we do. Our ‘round the clock' engine room is powered by an army of talented and creative developers in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide - which means we deliver with lightning speed and agility. Building on our combined relationships in B2B and B2C businesses, our team are proud partners with leading companies across many industries. Here at NetPS, we've put our money where our mouth is. Developed through hundreds of hours of consultation with clients just like you who told us exactly what was important to them, we’ve taken that feedback…and built something we know will transform how you do business.

See How Well Your Product Or Service Works For Customers
1. Have a Customer

You provide goods or services to a customer - you want to know more about how well your product or service works for them.

Identify Survey Needs And Choose The Most Effective Delivery Method
2. Gather Information

You provide us your customers’ contact details, pinpoint your survey needs and choose the most effective delivery method/s for your customer base - SMS, email or phone call.

Contact Customers
3. Reach Out

We'll contact your customers when and how you want, with the questions you need answered.

Analyse Customer Satisfaction Instantly
4. Calculate NET Promoter Score

Via your custom NetPS dashboard you can analyse customer satisfaction instantly by team, time, location or whatever else may drive your business.

Review Survey Responses For What Works And Doesnt For The Customer
5. Deep Dives

Analyse your results and review survey responses in detail to uncover what's working and what's not for your customers.

What Past Clients Say


NetPS really helped SwitchMe to analyse how our customers were responding to our service. We discovered what our service was falling short on and were able to effectively measure improvement with NetPS.

Taylor Tyro


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